Nikki Bohm

Nikki Bohm is an established multilingual Actress, Director, Writer, Producer and Casting Director born in Zagreb, Croatia and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She is currently residing in Los Angeles.

Her passion for writing and directing came with her debut script “Nothing Happened” a short experimental film about domestic abuse written, produced and starring Francisco Ovalle and Nikki Bohm which premiered at the prestigious film festival Muestra Audio Visual Cine Sinu in Monteria, Cordoba, Colombia.

After this success Nikki wrote 3 short films, 1 Television Pilot “Untitled Bentley Project” her debut Feature Film “Untitled Armadillo Project”, thriller feature film “Untitled Rabbit Project" and action-drama “Untitled Brazil project”.

Always inspired by the USA 1980’s cinema and it’s cultural array of diversity, as well as Latin American Cinema and it’s realism, Nikki strives to create written cinematic work with a message, dealing with human rights, social issues, realism and sprinkled with entertainment.

Nikki’s character’s and directing approach arose from her years of experience as an actor/dancer. Having traveled around the world, she had the opportunity to discover diverse, new cultures and approaches on human issues and society values. This has led Nikki on a path of expressing deep and meaningful moments of a human psyche and visually exploring how choices, consequence and error has an important effect on peoples lives and the world around us.

As an active and respected member of The Fringe Theater Company, in October 2014 Nikki directed her debut theater play “To Kill Lena Dunham” written by Sergio Castillo, which premiered at the Avery Schreiber Theater, Los Angeles in October 2014.

Nikki is also a well respected Casting Director with professional casting experience on various films such as multiple award nominated short film “Bug” starring Hassan Johnson (The Wire), “Milena” and the “The Choice of Life”. Her most recent projects include the personal casting of celebrity actor Dean Winters (OZ, Law and Order SVU) in short film “Memoire” as well as celebrity actor Mark Moses (Desperate Housewives, Mad Men) in “The Tsarevich”.

Besides English and Croatian, Nikki is also fluent in German and Brazilian Portuguese.
Untitled Bentley Project
When ten friends from a low-class, shady neighborhood decide to time-share a Bentley, wild, dangerous and hilarious adventures, way beyond their expectations, are unleashed, with all its possible mishaps, while share owning a car beyond their pocket reach.

Untitled Armadillo Project
In a small US town, on the border of Mexico, a young, passionate outlaw feels compelled to help a woman escape her abusive relationship from the leader of a biker gang, setting wheels in motion for a day they will never forget- battling twenty four hours of terror.

Untitled Brazil Project
A former military woman falls in love with a free-spirited female artist, while battling heavy drug addiction and working as a drug dealer’s goon in the Brazilian ’favela’.