Created by and Stories by: Kevin Taylor (authorized biographer)
Based on the book: Aimee Crocker’s Refined Vaudville by Kevin Taylor

Type of show: Wild and wicked serialized scripted television series.
Genre: Historical Fiction Drama
Format: One-hour, 10 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Show Bible, Treatment in MP3 format

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Bohemia is Downton Abbey on opium.

Following the illicit true life exploits of a free-spirited group of traveling Bohemians, empowered, emboldened, and bankrolled by the daughter of an American robber baron - Aimee Isabella Crocker. America’s notorious first “Celebrity Heiress,” over a century before the Kardashians and Paris Hilton.

Adventures included eccentric, flamboyant and extraordinary personalities of the day such as Thomas Edison, Oscar Wilde, Rudolph Valentino, Enrico Caruso, the Barrymores and dark magician Aleister Crowley.

Character-driven extravaganza set in 1880s San Francisco, turn-of-thecentury New York and pre-WWI Paris.