David Jacobs, Nick Crawford & Kevin Bloomfield
Growing up in the poverty stricken streets of Savannah, GA proved to be more than a notion for a youth like David Jacobs. But God always had a plan for this young man.

Seeking to escape, he would often resort to his imagination, out of which grew whimsical and heartfelt stories that he knew would “come to life” one day. Always dreaming of characters and drafting scripts in his head, he knew he was destined for more. And at the ripe age of 14, David Jacobs presented his first production entitled “Get On the Bus”, a parody of the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott. The church was ecstatic, but this was only the beginning.

After a number of unfulfilling jobs, Mr. Jacobs found his passion: writing. Writing was like breathing; it came naturally. Mr. Jacobs would go on to write heartwarming, thought provoking productions like “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, “Dirty Hands, Clean Hearts”, “Who’s Your Daddy”, and “I Want My Husband Back”.

A breakthrough came on September 5, 2003, when his play moved from the church stage to center stage as “Swallowed, The Story of Jonah” debuted at the Savannah Civic Center. Nearly 2,000 supporters came to witness this event. Many musicals and soul stirring productions later, God has inspired David Jacobs to use theatre arts to reach many hearts.
Nick is an aspiring young filmmaker, with a passion for screenwriting and film development. He works in Los Angeles for international sales and production company Cargo Entertainment and has previous experience in film and television advertising with leading trailer House Ocean. Nick is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, and recently placed in the Blue cat Screenplay Competition, the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, and the Academy Nichol Fellowships with three different original screenplays. He’s excited to take further steps toward a writing career, but plans to produce and direct in the near future as well.
Great stories will elevate the readers from a place of normalcy into an oasis of joy, rage, revenge, or just merely fantasy. Whether, it’s a fantasy, action thriller, comedy, adventure, etc. Embed in these darting stories are images of a decadent and grim reality or lesson. Hence, my background has somehow influenced my stories in an unknown bungalow hemmed in, on the illustrious island of Jamaica. Surrounded by enormous oceans, invigorating music, talented athletes, and a unique dialect. While, it’s pertinent to increase awareness in terms of my background, I’m more intrigued to promulgate my background and culture.

I emerged from a Christian, relational, and loving background. Even, though I was not raised in an enormous mansion or on the neighboring beach of “The Sandals.” Even, though my parentage was not known for the riotous amusement that beckoned from the walls of a colossal castle. Or the impressive words to sway the most stunning beauty: who s’ eyes and passionate mouth may be frame with a strawberry-blond bob. Mysteriously, my gift of writing was noticeably. I was enamored with this drifting idea of storytelling, which captivated my mind.
Dancing girl, speakeasies, booting kings, fat cats counting fresh fortunes, and the stock market climbing up, up, up! Struck not one single nerve of interest. I was simply unmoved! However, the dusty shelves was sought and made clean, simply because books struck a nerve in my head. So, tucked into a place decorated with knowledge was my hiding. Through dense foliage one could spy the mysterious spires and towers of the neighboring Gothic folly. Mr. James extraordinary home arrested my attention and framed my stories. An impressive Georgian mansion overlooks a quarter mile of lawn that cascades down to a private polo filed. Even, though Mr. James’ fortune helped cultured me, it emptied all desire of poverty. However, it’s poverty; which help shaped, inspired, and personified the stories I wish to tell. Stories of the clattering winds of strife mixed with pain. The clatter of metal wheels on train tracks to gleaming towers of cities shimmering in the distance. Horrified, perches on a coach in a small room stuffed with tacky, pretentious objects to laughing, talking, and loving robots. The holy trine inspired series to intense drama. Blurry freakish images of time passing; which, chronicle violence and senseless villain. Magnificent castle, illuminated with fountains to a line driveway packed with limousines; crowds of glamorous people streaming up the broad marble stairs to incite change, jealousy, and self-aggrandizement. Billionaire playboy publishers, and their blond nurses to hug mob bosses losing money at the roulette tables. The dubious gossip columnist; to gangsters and governors exchanging telephone numbers. Ultimately, great stories; inspires, transforms, chronicles changes.
The Other Cheek
20 years after witnessing his parents' violent death, low-level criminal Carter Woods finally learns the identity of their killer, and sets out for Cape Town, South Africa to seek his revenge.
The Other Cheek has been optioned and it is to be shot in South Africa in the Fall of 2015.
Producer attached is Mark Engels, (Waterfront, Owam, Home To My Roots) of J-Ark Productions.
Director attached is James Deck, (Silent Partner, Pendulum, Two Shades of Blue).