David Arthur
David Arthur began his professional journey as a documentary film maker for PBS, moved to Hollywood in the 70’s to pursue screen writing, and published his first novel, The Oasis Project, in 1980.

David is a novelist with a taste for international adventure and ancient history. The Kingdom of Keftiu: A Mystery of the Ancient World was David’s first book to feature English historical sleuth, Richard Quizzenbury and his feisty wife, Emily. It is an archaeological adventure set in the Greek islands.

His new novel, Shaytan - A Journey Into Evil, continues the Quizzenbury Adventure series. It combines adventure, mysticism, and history to transport his readers into a world in which time marches to the pulse of the cosmos; where the spiritual and the supernatural merge and reality shares equal footing with illusion.

Before focusing on fiction writing, David enjoyed a long and rewarding career as a writer, producer, and director of hundreds of film and digital video presentations, theatrical performances, concerts, and large scale audience events.
When he is not writing, David enjoys painting, sculpting, playing and collecting guitars and trying to beat his computer at chess.

A native Texan, David now lives with his wife and felines in Santa Fe.
Shaytan (Book)
India - 1947. In the heart of the Indian jungle, death stalks the night. The authorities claim it is a man-eating leopard. The natives believe it is something far more terrifying - a creature that by day wears the skin of a man, but when craving human flesh becomes the demon... Shaytan! While on expedition to India, historical sleuth Richard Quizzenbury and his wife, Emily, suddenly find themselves on the hunt for a killer.

“Danger, death, and the supernatural abound in this excellent historical thriller.”
The US Review of Books

“...an absorbing read...a fascinating character driven tale which intelligently entertains.” Five out of Five Stars – Pacific Book Review

“a powerful thriller...complex, rich in detail...a novel that won’t quickly be forgotten...” Midwest Book Review

“Man, you really get into it! The cobra scene scared the @#$% out of me. This is Spielberg on steroids.”
Tom Wright, Film and Television Director (NCIS, Supernatural, Castle).